Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No Mas

So...some of you are from differant countries...and some of you weren't born before 1980 (It's okay neither was I.) So when I say the phrase "No Mas," what do you think of?


Yes...it is... BUT..

Okay so Sugar Ray Leonard was fighting for the World Lightweight Champion in Montreal against legendary boxer Roberto Duran. The fight was held in early 1980 and was dubbed "The brawl in Montreal." Even though Sugay Ray put up a fight, Roberto still won the fight.

But did Sugar Ray give up?

HECK NO. There was re-match in New Orleans (oh the irony. My story takes place in New Orleans) in November of 1980. This time Sugar Ray was ready. He clearly dominated the fight and clearly had been training extra hard for it. After 7 rounds Duran quit the fight with the famous words "No Mas," being uttered after being so thoroughly beaten.

Last night I was feeling pretty much like Duran and wanted "No Mas." But then I decided to actually look up the complete story behind the infamous, "No Mas" and after reading that it was actually a re-match brawl, I knew that it was a sign for me not to give up. I mean I'm the freaking punching bag that fights back, right?

(On a side note, I'm anemic and in no way should actually box. If I were to get a bloody nose I would probably get light headed and pass out...)

But that's beyond the point! The point is that I have to get back in the ring, but this time I just have to train harder and be ready for the competition. This next time around I want the agents to be screaming "Mas, Mas, Mas!"

So I've got to get in "fighting" mode. My first RWA meeting is on April 7th, I am actually going to be working with a mentor (New York Time best selling author Kimberla Lawson Roby), and I've actually re-worked my beginning and ending. (My lovely beta readers will be getting a first look at this!). I may not be ready to get back in the ring just yet, but practice does make perfect, so looks like that I have some more training to do. I don't know how much I believe in "signs" and "miracles," but after reading that article...it was really inspiring and just made me want to do better.

So in conclusion. Don't give up my fellow geeks! The punching bag is going to fight back! MAS MAS MAS!

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