Monday, May 24, 2010

The silver lining

There is always a silver lining. Sometimes it’s hard to see it at first, but it’s always there.

No, I didn’t get the job in Washington. I interviewed to be a speech writer in the executive branch of a major insurance company, and sadly though they said my writing skills were fantastic, they just didn’t think I knew enough about the area to be qualified for the position.

Yeah, I’m upset. I mean I was really looking foreward to having a job that I could just write all day in, but I guess this just means it wasn’t meant to be. In hindsight it would have been hard to come back from my honeymoon then have to turn around and start packing to move to Washington.

So instead of worrying about a new job I’m happy to report that the querying process has started again and once the honeymoon is over (Juen 14th) I will be back to keeping up with this blog!

So though there will not be a contest for a new job (someday there will be, I’m still on the hunt.) I will be having a contest once I get 100 Twitter followers, I am still nineteen away, so very close!

The contest will include things that I blog about with a few winners.

1.) Writing- (I do have an award winning author who will be more than happy to donate an autographed book and one more that I’m trying to get under my belt.)
2.) Glee (Oh yeah my mom works for a FOX affiliate so there will be Glee merch).
3.) Boxing. One of my favorite movies was also a book first and it has to do with boxing, so there may be a Blu-Ray movie up for grabs!
Till then I must pack for the honeymoon, but will get back to this whole blogging and keeping you all posted thing!

The punching bag

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