Sunday, June 27, 2010

Out of the Flu Coma with an award!

So...I had the flu bug for the past couple of days and it kind of made me lack in my blog postings.

So what's going on?

If you haven't entered my contest you should do it.  I'm not tech savvy enough to do the whole "fill out an entry form thing," so either comment on the contest (below) or Tweet the contest out and it would make me a very happy little lamb.

So...since I'm half way through the editing of MY PAPER HEART (I had it professionally edited and now just putting that editing into the novel) and it's actually gotten quite a bit of response from agents.  Now I am just sitting and waiting and debating on querying more.  We shall see.

Well onto the award!

This is from the wonderful  Amanda who I have a Twitter girlmance with...

Like every award there are a few rules (that I may or may not follow) so here are the rules for this one:

1.)Thank and link the person who gave you this award (check and, Hey girlmance you are awesome!)
2.)Share 7 things about yourself
3.)Pass this award to 15 bloggers who you think are awesome and you have recentlly discovered and think are fantastic for whatever reason (In no particular order)
4.)  Contact the bloggers that you have picked and let them know about the award

My 7 things

1.)  15 queries have been sent out for MY PAPER HEART with 5 requests for more so far from agents.  (Our fingers are crossed).
2.)  The first full length short story I ever wrote was titled DEAD ENDS AND BOYFRIENDS.  I wrote it in my junior year of high school for creative writing class.  I hope it never surfaces.
3.)  In 8th grade I went through a sort of goth/punk faze and wore alot of dark makeup and baggy jeans.
4.)  I have alot of fears about MY PAPER HEART, but sometimes you have to put yourself out there to succeed.
5.)  I enjoy YA, because I feel like most YA characters aren't overly stereotyped and it's easier to get lost in the story.  (Okay most aren't too overly stereotyped).
6.)  I would love to move to the East Coast, but definitely can't afford NYC, especially when I really enjoy having a house and a yard.
7.)  Everytime I get a new blog follower I get really happy and feel like it's Christmas morning.

So...I'm not giving this award to 15 people, but there are a few people who I would like to recognize (and I'm only doing unpublished writers or just some people that have been there from the beginning for me).

Uh...other than enter my contest.  Only four entries so far and a special bonus more followers on the blog = more prizes!

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