Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WIP Wednesday

#amediting ....AGAIN....
At the request of an agent* MY PAPER HEART is going from a YA mantra to a women's fiction mantra.  What does this mean?  More sexual tension, I can dive a little bit more into deeper issues that I was dancing around before, and I don't have to worry about my character's ages being nineteen and how that's affecting the crossover.

Someday I do believe there will be the New Adult market that St. Martin's Press is pushing for (characters and marketed for people age 18-26), but for now you get those crossover titles like THE JESSICA DARLING SERIES, 20'S GIRL, and POST GRAD.

What's with the picture above?  Oh that's my new vision for my MC's love interest, Blaine.  He's Actor Alex Pettyfer and he definitely helps to bring on the tension in the first 50 pages...

So, even though it's not a teaser Tuesday I thought I would still give you a little taste of how the WIP is changing.  (This is also my friend, and editor, Rachel's favorite part).

"If your mom was a better hairdresser she wouldn't let you bleach your hair." His hair was so spiky and tousled that it almost looked curly or windblown. I wondered what it would be like to run my fingers through it, if it would feel like straw from baking in the summer sun all day or if it would just slide like silk through my fingers.

What have you changed about your WIP?  Would you change something at the request of an agent or somebody else?

*Note I will NEVER mention an agent by name unless a.) they ask me to or b.) they have offered me representation and I have accepted.

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