Friday, August 27, 2010

The Friday Five I know you were all expecting a Fangirl Friday today, but I've been a bit busy and do have two authors lined up for Fangirl Friday interviews.  There will also be a Fangirl give away for blogfest, so don't get too bummed!

So instead I'm taking direction from Mandy Hubbard's livejournal and doing a Friday Five.

1.)  I had my first ultra sound yesterday.  Baby's heartbeat was 140.  An old wives tale says if the heartbeat is above 140 it's a girl and if it's below 140 it's a boy.  Thus, baby hasn't decided it's gender yet.  (Picture above).

2.)  I have 35 pages left to revise/edit for MY PAPER HEART and they are coming along VERY slowly.  I know where the story is going, but sometimes life and TV gets in the way of that.  (And figuring out that the story went in a completely different direction than it originally started.)

3.) I have an in-person critique partner who writes Erotica!  She is buying me a smoothie before our local RWA meeting on Wednesday and we're going to discuss our project.

4.)  I'm going to make mousepads for "The punching bag" part of my giveaway and the "Fangirl" part will be a book from "The Fangirl's bookshelf."  Watch for it with blogfest September 9th-12th.

5.)  My husband would like me to tell the world about our Staffordshire terrier named "Snogs" and to share a picture of her.  So here it is (and my husband putting up Christmas lights last year): 



  1. Happy Friday. That is a great set of 5 and a wonderful ultrasound image.

  2. I think baby has my eyes...or my nose maybe...wait those haven't formed yet... DRATS.


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