Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Musings

Here is a toast to all those that hear me all too well

I’ve put my manuscript out there a few times. Some friends have read it, some critique partners, and even some agents. So for today’s Monday Musings I just want to give a shout out to all those that have made my manuscript what it has become and say that you all are my real “muse.”

Jennifer- The first person to read my manuscript the entire way through! (And this was a pretty rough first draft). She was the first person to really “get” my main character and really made me want to change my ending because you wanted more.

Kelly- Another friend that kept pushing me. When I would get a rejection she would tell me, “Stop with the self doubt.” She also helped to make Blaine “less emo,” and “A little more angry.”

Stephanie- My first critique partner. She only got the rough first 30 pages of my like fourth draft, but by going through it and saying “I want to see this, explain it to me.” Or “Don’t stereotype, show it.” These little pushes helped to push my manuscript out of a cliché and into a real story.

Lynsey- – The first person to read the manuscript who I didn’t know in person! This was a very nerve wracking process, but she was also one of the first fans of my manuscript! By pushing my first chapter to “be all that it could be,” and wanting more “romance,” she brought out that great hook that will hopefully keep future readers wanting more.

Laurie- The lady that got me to join RWA. I will never forget how much of a creeper she made me feel like since I stalked the local RWA website and then e-mailed her, looking like some weirdo off the street. I was very lucky to meet her and have someone to help “take the predictability” out of my manuscript. She made me push through my rejections and helped me to never give up!

Nicole – – My new virtual critique partner! She finally pointed out how much I was tiptoeing around certain character traits, (my MC’s eating disorder, ect.) By really playing up this flaws, I took my character and made her into that beautiful, vulnerable yet strong woman that I wanted her to be and could just never get it out!

Rachel- My Rae Rae. The one who couldn’t have pushed me further. I don’t know how many times she has gone through and said “Did you not learn grammar in high school?” Or being the person that really pushed me to “Put the kiddies to bed and bring on the sexual tension.” Libby and Blaine wouldn’t be Libby and Blaine without her and I am eternally grateful to have a friend and freelance editor like her.So, no, still don’t have an agent and I’m still going through and editing for content. (Should be back on submission by September and a wonderful agent does still have my full!) So for now I will keep using all your suggestions as my musings and can’t wait to hear more of them!


The punching bag


  1. Aw, it was my pleasure to help. I appreciated your input on my pages, too! Now they're a lot stronger.

  2. Aw! Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad I could help and I hope editing goes well for you =]

  3. Steph- I'm good for random knowledge of Chicago,HA.

    Nicole- A bit tiring, but getting through it. How is editing going for you?


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