Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WIP Wednesday

So…I feel like I’ve been lagging in the blog department lately and I apologize. Between morning sickness (which is really all day sickness), editing, work, and getting packed up to try and move…well…I’ve been a very busy girl.

So here is just a quick update on the blog and my WIP.

Two more Fangirl Friday interviews are coming up:

Friday the 13th will be with Epic award winning author Laurie Larsen

Friday the 20th will be with agent Weronika Janczuk of D4EO Literary agency

(Are you an author? Do you have a story to tell? Want to be interview for my Fangirl Friday? Send me a note at

In other blog news, I am looking for YOUR story. That’s right I want guest posts. Do you have the ultimate geek to glam story? Advice for punching bags or even just want to talk to me about writing? Send me a line at and we will have some virtual tea and discuss!)

And finally for the WIP update:

My goal this month, with my RWA group, was to edit 100 pages of MY PAPER HEART and I’m a whole 5th of the way through that, WOO *victory dance* Let’s just say it’s not YA anymore and I should have maybe not been so afraid of writing sexual tension because it’s pretty vital to the story now. I’ve talked to another agent, but I’m afraid to query her, just yet. Hopefully by this fall I will be completely confident to send my baby out into the wild again. (Not the one in my tummy! My manuscript!)


The punching bag

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  1. *“To MM: my inspiration.”*

    Love it. I feel the same about her - and my trip to the MM House.

    Thanks for sharing. :-)

    - Corra


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