Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Musings

Okay so preggo mama wasn't too good with traveling this weekend, so I didn't get the reading/writing done that I wanted to.  So the big question, did I have a muse for this weekend?

No...okay well except for The University Of Missouri's beautiful quarterback...but that's another story.

So today for my Monday Musings I am going to give you some recent book and movie recommendations that can help out your writing or just give you some entertainment!


1.)  The Ghost and The Goth by Stacey Kade-  I've never read a book that made me thing a teenager wrote it herself!  Not that she talks like a teenager, but there was never a moment were I felt like I was "out of the story."  Stacey has a way of writing that is fresh and makes her characters feel like real people.  The sequel comes out in June, but I will have an ARC in a few months to share a review on :)

2.)  Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick - I was told as a feminist I'm not supposed to like this book, but I can't help it.  Becca does the right amount of sexual tension without going too far.  She left me breathless at times and always wanting more.  (That sounded sexual...)

3.)  The Sookie Stackhouse series- (I couldn't go without one adult book/series recommendation)  Do you want a fun read full of allegories for racism, sexism, and just good ol' vampire love making?  Why yes it does have all of those!  The show has strayed a bit from the book (True Blood), but I can't help being a Truebie...and I'll admit that I left work early one day to get my hands on the latest book in the series the day it came out in stores.


1.)  The Breakfast Club-  If you haven't seen this movie, SHAME ON YOU.  This movie shows the basic high school stereotypes:  The geek, the jock, the princess, and the stoner, but takes a new spin on them that isn't stereotypical and makes you wonder if there will ever be another John Hughes (though I heard Easy A is pretty close).

2.)  The Covenant - For all those people writing paranormal romances or tales set in a private school then this movie is for you.  Okay and if you aren't writing either of those...Chase Crawford is REALLY pretty.  Yes, I know this is an older one too, but I love the friendship and love/hate relationships of the characters...okay so we all know I really just rented this movie to see Chace Crawford, but in the end I found myself watching it over and over again.

3.)  Keith-  Move over Justin Bieber, Jesse McCartney was here first and he can act!  The pretty girl with the put together life falls for her chemistry partner, who seems like a jerk but really has a secret that even she doesn't realize till after she's fallen hard for him.  I swooned, I cried, and I wanted to sing "Beautiful Soul" over and over again.

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