Monday, October 18, 2010

The Monday Musings Vlog that failed

I tried to make a vlog...and it failed...I really should learn technology

Basically, all the vlog was saying is that I will be on a hiatus for the rest of this week.  I am moving to a new house on Friday, and so that is kind of consuming my life right now.

So how do I take musings when I don't have time to edit, write, or blog?

Funny you should ask.  When not looking sometimes you find inspiration where you least expect it.  Sometimes you have a friend that tells you an interesting story and you think "Oh I'll use that in my manuscript!"  Or you just notice the little ticks that people do...

So I bid you farewell for the week, and may just have to do a contest or something when I get back...

Okay actually I have a really controversial blog post that I'm saving.  It's not controversial, really, but alot of people forget that it's sexual assault survivors month for October, and our stories need to be heard.

So till then cheerio...and if you really need to seemy face...well here is me and Emile Hirsch last summer when I had short hair.  If you can't tell that I use paint instead of photo shop and I'm standing in my godmother's kitchen...then I'm way better at this than I thought!


  1. LOL! Darn about the vlog ~ I wanted to hear you say "MAGAN MUST DO REE-SEARCH!". Oh wait, that was suppose to be my vlog.
    Good Luck on moving and I hope everything goes well :).

  2. I thought sexual assault survivors month was April? Did they change it? :)

    Have a nice break, Magan!

  3. We always celebrated October on campus with "Take back the night," so that was my plan to do the blog this month...April is going to be a little crazy.

    And Kelsey I will try and vlog again,soon and talk about REE-SEARCH.


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