Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fake boyfriend blogfest

Amparo's blog is hosting a fake boyfriend blogfest.  So to honor the blogfest I have wrote a love letter to an oldie, but goodie...my former high school love, Angel.

Dear Angel,

First you left Sunnydale to go off on your own and do brooding vampire things like hang out with demons and then you decided to hide your true vampire identity and become an FBI agent.  But I’ve never given up hope that you would come back to your Angel-like ways and show the world what a real vampire looks like.

I’m pretty impressed with your evolution, Angel.  You went from playing with Buffy’s heart to hanging around a socially awkward anthropologist and NOT ONCE tried to bite her!  I’ve even seen you walk around in the sunlight and eat actual food.

Though I think it’s great that you’ve made progress in your vampire ways, I can’t help but miss the old brooding Angel that would make my heart swoon.  Sure, you still have those long, pondering stares that can make any girl melt as your chocolate brown eyes gaze straight into their heart, but it’s just not the same Angel!  I miss your inner Good vs. Evil struggle and the way I was always on pins and needles wondering what move you were going to make next.  You’ve gotten predictable and I miss your vampiric ways.

This is not a good-bye, Angel.  But maybe it’s time that we move on from each other.  I’m married now and my husband likes you as an FBI agent.  He doesn’t know the side of you that I spent my high school years watching.  So for now I think that it is best that we part ways, amicably, and maybe we’ll find each other in some dark teenage night club and I can be the one to get your leather jacket instead of Buffy.


Magan Vee.


  1. Ha! My first thought when I saw the picture was, loved him as Angel...his new show, not so much. Then your letter agreed with me. I like your take on it.

  2. I think we all loved him as Angel. lol Dark, handsome, and brooding. What's not to love? Although I didn't care for his spin off, the episode near the beginning with the Buffy crossover (I think the episode is Forget or something) NEVER fails to bring a tear to my eye. Ah, love him.

  3. Hey, wait, that's my fake boyfriend, Seely! (he was okay as Angel, but somehow, now that he's a MAN *yum*, he's even hotter.)

    I think you may just have a fight on your hands today, Magan! ;)

  4. Dear Angel I loved it when you were going through your "batman" phases in the early days of your series. Now you're an FBI agent I I keep expecting you to bite Bones in the throat.

  5. ANGEL!!! This man should be kept in a glass cage with a sign that says "Warning: Vampire in danger of extinction with epic brooding skills". Seriously, WHO ELSE makes vampires this awesome? (besides Spike, of course).

    I actually love him as Seely, but yeah. Angel was better. *sobs*

    Thanks for posting your letter!!

  6. LOL this is so great and by the way Angel loves me!

  7. Hysterical! And you've got a HOT fake boyfriend. I hope your hubs doesn't know about him...


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