Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Five: Housekeeping

Housekeeping, Housekeeping.  No, I'm not coming to interrupt your hotel sleep.  I'm here to just do a little housekeeping of what I've been up to courtesy of a Friday Five.

1.)  Fangirl Friday.  I've been keeping up with it pretty well, but decided that it is one of the things that people like most about this blog.  So I decided to e-mail two authors or one author and one publishing professional a month and hopefully be able to post at least two interviews a month.

2.) How to Date an Alien.  Oh you have noticed that is finished and seeking representation?  I guess I couldn't hide that one *grins*  We shall see what happens with my journey into writing Science Fiction, but I believe that good things come to those who wait.

3.)  Baby Bump watch.  Yes, I try to keep alot of non-writing stuff off of the blog, but the bump is now 33 weeks along and I look like I stuffed a basketball under my shirt.  If I'm not blogging or tweeting as much end of March/beginning April it's because I'll be doing this thing called "giving birth."

4.)  Reviews.  I know you are all waiting for my upcoming reviews of ARCS...and I was actually going to say that I haven't received any, but I recently received two ARCs and I am going to try to get them read and reviews posted in March.  Unless of course I give birth or something then they might be put on hold.

5.)  Contests.  Yes, one is coming.  I PROMISE.  I'm just waiting for something epic to the birth of a child or an agent offering representation.  I also need something cool to give away (any ideas besides books?)

I know this is more than five, but I've got alot going on in March (professionally, writing wise, and personally), so I'm going to try to keep my MWF updates, but if I can't then please don't hate me.

What contests do you want to see?  Do you have any housekeeping that I should be aware of?  Are you stealing my ARCs?


  1. Someone is stealing your ARCs? Must be aliens. LOL. Congrats and good luck on How to Date an Alien.
    *Squeal* I can't believe your due date is almost here! I'm so excited!

  2. Giving birth? That sounds painful.


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