Monday, February 21, 2011

Magic Moment Monday

So to plug my local RWA contest, I started thinking about Magic Moments in literature and movies.  For the contest people submit their first ten pages or the ten pages in which the hero meets the heroine in their story.  This got me thinking about all those little Magic Moments that we look for when we read a story or watch a movie.

 After seeing I AM NUMBER FOUR on Saturday, I started thinking about the music that goes along with each of these Magic Moments, so I decided to look through my HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN play list and think how each of my songs would go with these Magic Moments.  I'm not going to say what happens which each scene, but I will say what lyrics do inspire it.

1.)  Magic Moment- Hero meets Heroine:  Song- All My Life by Foo Fighters.
                 All my life I've been searching for something

2.) Magic Moment- The "almost" kiss:  Song-  Only by Nine Inch Nails
                 I'm becoming less defined as days go by

3.)Magic Moment- The first kiss:  Song-  If I had you by Adam Lambert
               There's a thin side between the dark side and the light

4.)Magic Moment- The dark moment/the climax (note:  I had to pick the EXACT turning point of the novel and this is the part that always made me gasp when I read it).  Song-  Apocalypse Please by Muse
       And this is the end, the end of the world

5.)Magic Moment- The heroic moment:  Song-  Grenade by Bruno Mars
               I'd still catch a grenade for you

6.)Magic Moment- The happy(or not so happy) ending:  Song-  Drive by Incubus
               Whatever tomorrow bring I'll be there

What are your favorite magic moments?  Do you  have a play list?  Are you still mulling over what my big teasing secret is?  (I'll give you a involves this manuscript).


  1. Teasing secret about the manuscript??? Do I know this? If not, why not?! LOL

  2. Muahahaha. It's a pretty recent story about HOW TO DATE AN ALIEN and I'm keeping mum. Muahahaha. (Note: Please don't stop reading my blog because I keep secrets. I never get to keep them and usually tell the whole world, so I'm trying it out...for atleast a day.)

  3. I love your playlist - and I guess I'll just have to keep checking back for your secret

  4. I love those magical moments where the MC just did something big or life altering but she doesn't know it yet! And yes, I'm still thinking about your secret.

  5. *Shaking head* Magan, Magan. Keeping secrets??? What has the world come to? LOL. (j/k) I understand, just like me keeping mum about my new manuscript - at least for now. (BTW: I know you have been talking with my cat, trying to get him to spill the beans - I have the phone bill! hee hee) :D Anyway, I can't wait to hear your news! Love your play list!

  6. I agree! Spill dem beans! I don't like secrets! Not telling somebody something is bad as lying! Is my guilt trip working yet? Is it? Is it?

  7. Ah! There it is. Your follower widget would not load forever! Probably because I'm on my 10 year old Mac. Oh well. Following now. Love the hair!

    Nice to meet you.

  8. I was really into Viva la Vida when I wrote my manuscript The Mist Chasers. Each song became the soundtrack to the book.


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