Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Book Tag

Now that the little one has been taking longer morning naps I've found some time to catch up on blogging, YEAH!  (Now if I can just get some motivation to write and not delete the 1200 words that I wrote while her dad was playing with her last week...)

Well, to start off some more blogging I was tagged in Kelsey Ketch's book tag post.  I usually don't do these, but this one was really cute, so I couldn't resist.  I'm not tagging anyone, but if you want to do it as well you can.  Or if anything you can just see what I'm reading :)

1. What genre do you prefer?
I like Young Adult.  Usually I prefer contemporary, but I've really started to get into Science Fiction works (maybe it's because I wrote one?) I do read some chick-lit and romances, but I just like the realness and relatability that I have to YA characters.  (Probably because I secretly think that I'm a 16 year old boy trapped in an old woman's body).

2. Must have books in your library?
My personal library or the public library?  Let's go with my personal library...The Sookie Stackhouse series, The Hunger Games series, All of John Gile's books (signed by him, including The First Forest and I wish I could Read), and my signed copy of Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

3. Most expensive book you own?
I think I got rid of most of my college textbooks except the ones that were actual books (Guyland and some others).  My husband has a couple computer books that run like fifty books each and then I have a grammar work book that is probably the most expensive.  (I think that writing, having critique partners and a friend that's a freelance editor has helped more than the grammar work book ever could).

4. What books do you covet most?'s unpublished, but I would really love to pick up a copy of one of my own books.  Other than that, books by my writer friends which include (Not all have been published):  Death's Island by Kelsey Ketch, The Prince and the Corner Bakery by Kienna Riley (I believe it's been published under this name?), Seven Rivers (I believe that's the title?) by Laurie Hayes, Road to Redemption by Laurie Larsen, The third Ghost and the Goth book by Stacey Kade and The Rules by Stacey Kade
5. Favorite authors? You can name three.

Megan Mccaferty, Charlaine Harris, Ann M. Martin (I'm diverse)

6. How much do you spend on books in general?

I recentlly started getting more ARCs, so I haven't spent as much recentlly, but for awhile it got pretty bad.  I was spending atleast $50-$100 a month on books and knew that I had to stop.  I also share books with my MIL, so that's saved some costs that she buys a book and then I read it after her.

7. Favorite book store?
I love little local book stores with cafes and all that jazz, but since there isn't anything like that around here I'll go with Barnes and Noble (which I think is the only book store near me currently...sad).

8. What do you think the current trend in young-adult is?
There is A LOT of paranormal romance out there and I think it's getting kind of saturated.  I think that contemporary will NEVER go out of style and really think there could be a shift to more Science Fiction with Beth Revis making the NYT best seller list.

9. What series do you wish had more books?

Hunger Games...I wanted a better way for Mockingjay to end and I want more Katniss/Peeta loving.

10. Books you’ve always had in your library?

The Dr. Seuss books and John Gile's picture books (He's from my hometown)

11. Books currently in your bag or purse?

I carry a diaper bag which I don't put books in because my daughter has a blow out poop problem which may cause me to put poopy clothes in her diaper bag.  But I do carry my Ipad which currently has an ARC of The Near Witch and Wherever You Go on it.

12. Most prized book in your collection?

That's a really hard one...I would have to say John Gile's The First Forest (I feel like I'm a broken record about this book).  But the illustrator lives down the street from most of my family and I grew up reading John Gile's works (hometown guy again), so it's a book with a great story and something I can pass down to my daughter.

13. What non-fiction books are on your shelf?

Let me just say that I was a Women's Studies and Political Science major, so my non-fiction books are pretty interesting...they include: Guyland:  The perilous world where boys become men and I believe some other Women's Studies books that I used in my thesis.
So, to finish… Tag! You’re it!

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  1. Wonderful books list, Magan! You're daughter will be surrounded by some wonderful authors as she grows up, including her mother ;). Thank you for the mention as well!


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