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Queen of The Dead by Stacey Kade-An ARC review

Add to all of that, the person that I spent the most time with now was a beauitufl girl who happened to be a spirit but who was still living (in her own way) and very touchable?

After returning from the light former homecoming queen –current Queen of the dead- Alona Dare is spending her after-life helping others to see the light alongside social outcast, Will Killian.

Will used to be afraid of his ghost-talking abilities until he realized that one ghost in particular, a certain queen, may or may not be more-than-a-friend.  But before Will or Alona can decide, they run into another ghost-talker by the name of Mina who has information about Will's ‘abilities’ that he is willing to do anything to find out about…even leave Alona behind.

First Will ignores Alona for a frizzy haired ghost talker and now Alona’s parents are replacing her.  Alona’s mom has packed up garbage bags full of Alona’s precious memories and her father is having a new daughter with his wicked new wife. This is definitely not a plus for Alona.  Too bad Will is too busy trying to figure out information from Mina and has left Alona to her own devices…which is never a good idea.

The two go on their separate journeys to look for answers to their problems, but find themselves caught in a situation that could lead to drastic consequences for Alona and open a secret door to a world that Will never knew existed…until now.

Queen of the Dead is like a frozen mocha, you really want to savor every drop, but it’s so good that you can’t help but gulp it down!  When I read the description of this book I was expecting a completely different story, so it was like finding a mound of Oreos that made me crave more as I turned each page.

Release date:  May 31, 2011
Page Count:  272
Genre: Paranormal/Contemporary Young Adult
Similar to:  Beastly by Alex Flinn
Recommended for:  Girls 12 and up
Stars: 5/5

The good:

·         One of the best things about Kade’s writing is that she nails the teenage voice for both genders.  Will is a genuine teenage boy with his inner thoughts about Alona’s legs and a personality that seems so real it’s life-like.  I’m pretty sure that Kade was never a “mean girl,” in school, but she gave Alona  a voice and personality that made me understand her mean girl ways and actually like this Queen.
·         It seems like most paranormal trilogies use a love triangle to lead into the later books, but Kade took a twist on that love triangle and made it less about a love story and more of a real story.  She had twists that I never expected and each page was like a new surprise that I would have never predicted.

The not-as-good:
o   I usually don’t like when authors use current technology or music in their novels and Kade did do this, but honestly her use of current technology was really funny and totally relevant.  I actually laughed out loud when she talked about Ipads and charting fashions.  I’d still prefer to not see names of current bands or even technology, but it’s something that can really help a contemporary story.

o   It’s not really a bad thing, but the description that I read of this novel actually gave me a completely different idea about what this story would entail.  When I read the description closely I realized that it was written to try not to give away spoilers.  At first I was actually annoyed by this, but then I realized that it was better not to actually know what was happening and savor the story as it went along.

All in all, I thought that this was a great follow-up to The Ghost and the Goth.  There was a mystery and a killer cliff-hanger that has me really eager for the third installment of this series.  I highly recommend that anyone looking for a fun and page-turning read to check out this novel.

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  1. I definitely have to add this and The Ghost and the Goth to my wishlist. :)


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