Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Musings

Ladies and Gentleman, I am trying to write my first short story.

Okay, so I lied...

This is actually one of many short stories (the others were written for Creative Writing classes in college and high school), but we won't talk about those...

Especially since one was about a girl 'accidently' killing her boyfriend and the other was about a girl who was meeting a guy on the internet that turned out to be her dad.

Yeah...not weird at all...

Well, anywhoo my RWA goal for the month is to write and finish this short story so I can bring it into the next meeting and I want to get it turned in for submission by October first.

So I get an awesome idea, figure out the plot, know EXACTLLY how I want to end it, but there is one problem...

I have no idea where to begin!

Does this ever happen to you?

It takes place in a coffee shop, maybe I should go to one and just hang out and inspiration will come?

Suggestions? Musings?


  1. Starting is hard for me. I keep thinking about how much the story will change based on where it starts. Not to add any pressure or anything lol. I think what's cool about a short story is that you can re-write the story from different angles. So dive in and then switch it up and see what's better? I guess that's my advice :)

  2. That happens to me all the time! Sometimes I just have to brainstorm really hard--just imagine anything and see why it's not good, then move to the next...eventually my brain lands on something worth trying.

  3. The start is always the easiest when I write. I mean, the very first page is. This is probably because I always keep a notepad around and jot down whenever a great beginning comes to mind. But if I'm ever stuck in the beginning then I'll jump to the middle and then go back, hoping something will come to me. Oh, and that story about the girl meeting a guy online that turns out to be her dad sounds hilarious!

  4. I have been known to read until the idea comes to me. There is something about reading other stories with other people which generates ideas of my own. Sometimes my ideas are similar to other people's ideas, but that is part of the energy of delusion which allows us as writers to keep on writing new stuff.

  5. Start with spilling coffee on someone. Shit, I don't know, I'm winging it here.

  6. I have trouble beginning my novels. I wish I could help but I have no idea how to start with a short story! For novels I will use about a week or two of outlining, learning the characters, getting some good quotes each of them might say and then diving in with that fabulous first sentence.


  7. Don't let the beginning stop you! Write out what you have, and then track back. See where the story leads you. You might even have the beginning and not even know it yet.

  8. Yes! I agree with Kelsey! Write what you have and the beginning will come to you. Maybe there is a shooting outside the window. Maybe a little old lady chokes on a brownie. Maybe...

  9. Oh my goodness! So many comments and I'm running on little sleep, but now I can respond!

    Kelley- Welcome to the blog! I guess I can try writing it from differant angles...or just kill everyone and have a ghost story.

    Lydia- Sometimes my brain doesn't work to storm...I might have to try and get it to storm again.

    Nicole- Yeah I have trouble writing serious things...especially as an immature college student

  10. Paul- Your responses are always so pretty and insightful.

    Tony- HA, spilling coffee is a good way to start actually!

    Jenny- I'm a pantser, so the whole 'short story without a beginning' isn't helping with my outlining problem.

    Kelsey- beginningless short story ftw!

    Sam- I feel that you always want to kill my characters, is it because you have a thing against aliens?


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