Friday, December 30, 2011

My Dreams for 2012

On the radio this morning I heard that many Americans were saying 2011 wasn't a great year for them and they look forward to a better 2012.

To that I say, "When life hands you lemons sometimes you have to say screw the lemons and bail!"

In all seriousness, 2011 was pretty good to me. I got a new job, had a beautiful daughter, and oh did I mention I released How to Date an Alien which has been steadily hanging around Amazon's best seller list for awhile?

Anywhoo, I guess it is time to talk about the future. What things do I have up my sleeve for 2012?

Well in writing news you can look forward to:

-A story from Ace's point of view will be in an anthology released on Valentine's Day

-In January a great group of authors will announce a not-so-secret group project-secret-group (did that make sense?)

-Spring/Summer of 2012 The second alien novel will be released

-Winter of 2012 the third and final novel of the My Alien Romance series will be released.

After that who knows what will happen? Maybe the traditional publishing industry will stop ragging on Indies and maybe a real alien will call me out on a talk show and say that my book is completely bogus.

Who knows?

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  1. Wow, you've definitely had a great year!
    Hope that 2012 is just as productive - judging from the list, your plans are firmly in place... Way to go!!
    Happy & blessed New Year!


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