Monday, January 30, 2012

Indelible questions answered!

For your reading pleasure, some of the Indelibles have asked me questions and I answer them as honestly as possible.

Megg Jensen: Why haven’t changed your mind to Petunia?
When I joined DarkSide, Megg Jensen decided that my name was too similar to hers and thought that I should be dubbed “Petunia.” The only Petunia that I know is Porky Pig’s girlfriend, so I respectfully declined. BUT you will still find Megg Jensen calling me Petunia randomly.

Corey Puntam Oakes: Do you write under a pen name? Why/ Why not?
When I started writing for publication, I was not married yet, but still wrote under my future married name of Vernon. I guess I didn’t want to write under a pen name because I wanted people to know ME for my writing. I’ve built up all my social media around the name Magan Vernon and decided to just keep that name into publication.

Karen Amanda Hooper:  If you could travel to any planet (guaranteed survival) which one would you visit?
Calta, no contest.  Not only do I love the planet because I created it but A). Women are more powerful than men and B.) Diamonds are as common as rocks.  I could just walk down the street, pick up a few diamonds, bring them home and make a ton of money!

Laura Pauling:  What are the signs that someone is an alien?
From my own alien dating experience, here is what you should look for
-They laugh at weird things that really shouldn’t be funny, but their laughing makes you laugh.
-They eat a lot of hot sauce
-Their hair always looks perfect
-They have beautiful, smoldering eyes
-They know all the words to every George Michael song

Do you have any more questions? I will try and answer every silly one while I focus on final edits!


  1. Great questions and answers, Magan! You're awesome! My question: Is your husband an alien? Tell the truth. =D

    1. Well...he does like hot sauce. But he seems to think he is a Lycan and I cannot argue with him or he gets all teen werewolf on me.

  2. LOL! Ok, I REALLY need to get reading on your book! :)

    1. Ninenty nine cents! That is less than a coffee!

  3. Aliens have perfect hair? Predators don't.

  4. A very great story. would love to read more of your books

  5. Ha ha too funny! I'll be on the look out for aliens who like hot sauce and George MIchael.


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