Monday, March 26, 2012

Coffee Talk with Alex Bianchi

In addition to Fangirl Friday I decided to help out one of my characters and let the heroine of the My Alien Romance series conduct some interviews of her own with some of her favorite characters. So for the first ever Coffee Talk with Alex Bianchi she will be interviewing Bentley Evans from Life, Love, & Lemons.

Alex: Alright, Bentley, since this is Coffee talk, what is your coffee drink of choice?

Bentley: I'll take a grande, non-fat carmel latte with an extra shot of espresso, no whip, and soy milk.

Alex:  Alright...Uh I guess that is a good choice? Anyways, so what brings you around this area? Slumming it in Winnebago?

Bentley: *eye roll* I'm not slumming it anywhere. My dad used to be an engineer and then he got laid off. Now I live on the East Side of town and it actually isn't as bad as it sounds.

Alex: Is that your ride out side, then? What you drove here? *points to the car out the window*

Bentley: No, that would be my boyfriend's Ford Falcoln. I think he likes that thing more than me.

Alex: So, your boyfriend is the emo-haired kid in the giant orange blob?

Bentley: Yeah, he is. Sure it may not make sense for the preppy girl to hang out with the emo kid in the Falcoln, but it works for us. We balance eachother out, you could say.

Alex: *squints at the boy in the car* He almost looks familiar. Does he happen to know anyone from Calta?

Bentley: WTF is Calta?

Alex: Uh, nevermind. Anyways, so since your life seems to be getting pretty excited, if someone where to make a movie about your life, who would play you and you friends?

Bentley: Well, I don't have cable anymore and haven't been to the movies since who knows when, but I guess I can try to pick some people. Let's see, probably Hillary Duff to play me, but back in the day before she got all married and pregnant, because I am totally not married or preggo for that matter. My boyfriend would probably be played by some guy from one of those bubblegum punk bands or whatever like Hot Chelle Rae. And my best friend Gabby would be played by someone Latina and the only Latina actress I can think of is Penelope Cruz and she is like way old.

Alex: Ok...then...Let's round this out with your favorite food, book, and TV show or movie.

Bentley: My favorite food would have to be sushi- especially volcano rolls. My favorite book is probably one of the Twilight ones and for TV show or movie. Like, I said I don't want much TV or go to the movies, but all the Friday the 13th movies will always be a classic to me. Well those and Clueless.

Alright Bentley thanks for being my first guest on Coffee Talk and can't wait to read Life, Love, & Lemons! (Coming out in April!)


  1. Haha this was awesome. You put a smile on my face this morning. Great coffee talk!

  2. WTF is Calta? <-- that was my favorite response. Love this interview. :)


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