Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Alien Secrets

I hope Circe guards aren't after me for this post, but I think it is time that I let you all in on some alien secrets, or just questions they you may be wandering from the My Alien Romance series.

Calta? Is that a real planet?

Maybe it is? It could be, but for creative purposes I did come up with it for the story. My nana's maiden name is Caltagerone, thus Calta was derived from Caltagerone. A true easter egg of this story is how many times you can find references to my Nana and Nanu throughout this novel. I've referenced both their names, where they are from, etc. It's kind of funny actually.

Why did Alex want to go to Columbia so bad? Why not NYC or even Northwestern?

BECAUSE I SAID SO! No, actually I wanted to go to Columbia in New York. This may or may not have to do with the fact that Nate and Blair went there on Gossip Girl or just because I wanted something different. Needless to say I didn't go there and not because of an alien love interest, but because my heart is in Illinois or something like that.

Winnebago? Really? You used your hometown? Aren't you afraid someone will come after you?
With pitchforks? Not exactlly. I could have made up a different town, I could of, but I didn't want to. Growing up in Winnebago gave me an appreciation for small town nostalgia. I loved thinking about my characters walking through my old high school and hanging out at my old high school hang outs. You will actually find little sprinkles of my life in Winnebago throughout each one of my books.

Are you Alex Bianchi?
No, my name is Magan. Alex is a complete work of fiction. We may both have bad eyesight, but my parents are still together, my dad is not in the military, and I am Sicilian not Italian. There are parts of me that I sprinkled in Alex's personality, but I can never be the Dustin Hoffman loving geek that Alex is.

Are any characters based off real people?
Yes and no. There are some character's looks and personalities that are based off of real people. I can tell you that there are TWO characters in all three of the books that are named after real people and their looks are based off of theirs, but I had permission and that person is a character. Not the actual person. I guess I should spell that out more. One of the characters in the books is Justin. Justin's name and looks are based off of a friend, but he in no way is that character. They are two seperate beings.

I guess that is all the alien secrets I should give away for now. If you have more questions I'm happy to answer them in the comments :)

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