Friday, April 27, 2012

The Friday Five

Ugh...I'm not a fan of this new blogger, but I felt like I shouldn't leave you all hanging. To keep you all entertained here is a nice Friday Five!

1.) How to Break Up with an Alien is in its final round with my editor. What does that mean? I'm hoping to have it back in the next couple weeks and get some E-ARCs out and get it published by the end of May! Hooray for more aliens!

 2.) Book 3 is moving along VERY well. Once I'm finished with this first draft there will be a cover reveal and title. This one should be available by this fall. Then you can have the entire alien series!

3.) I will be going on a writer's retreat with author Susan Kaye Quinn next weekend. I plan on hopefully getting How to Break Up with an Alien formatted and maybe even cross the half way point on book 3.

4.) Make sure you support your local and Indie bookstores! I had my first signing at the Book Warehouse in Tuscola last weekend and I am SO happy to have bookstores that support the Indie movement. Barnes and Noble wont carry my paperback in their stores, but you can easily go into any Books-a-million and if they don't have it on their shelf, they will order it for you PRONTO.

5.) Coming up I have some more coffee talks, a cover reveal for Susan Kaye Quinn's Closed Hearts, and maybe I'll throw up some short stories from Ace's POV.

That is all I've got to say, carry on.

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