Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Writerly Wednesday: Character playlist


Are you getting excited for the release of How to Break up with an Alien? I AM.

Okay, maybe you aren't...maybe you were just hoping Myra would come back to my blog.

Speaking of Myra, after checking out her playlist for one of her characters I decided to introduce you to two VERY important new characters in How to Break up with an Alien by giving you who I would cast as them if the book were made into a movie and their personal playlist.

That is all you get. Not who their character is, what they, do but just that.


Okay, first off, we have Simone. I picture her to look like singer Sarah Hudson

Yes? And how about a little playlist. Does this give you any sort of a clue into her character?

Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell
Monster- Paramore
Set the world on Fire- Black Veil Brides
Apologize- One Republic
Set fire to the rain- Adele

And of course Brody. Brody has become many of my CP's favorite new character. If he had to be cast in a movie, I would choose Liam Hemsworth (with the shaved head).

Now for his playlist.

International Harvester - Craig Morgan
Rough 'n' Ready - Trace Adkins
Asphalt cowboy - Blake Shelton
Thank God I'm a country boy- John Denver
If love was a plane- Brad Paisley

I may have to do this again. I found it fun. Now tell me, what do you think of these two characters? What role do you think they will play in this book?

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  1. Mwahahah - but I already know. And I won't give up the secret. :D

    Great selection, Magan!


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