Monday, May 28, 2012

Let's just fall in love again

Let's pretend baby, that you just met me. I've never seen you before.

Oh Jason Castro, your beautiful dreadlocks and striking blue eyes *ahem* Okay enough about Jason Castro, this really isn't about him...though it should be...he is pretty.


Okay, this is about falling in love with your story.

I had a WIP that I started before How to Date an Alien was published called Spliced. I hadn't worked on it awhile because I was busy with How to Date an Alien and then How To Break Up With an Alien. Since Book 2 is done and Book 3 is really moving along, I decided to pick up Spliced again.

And let me tell you it's like falling in love with the story all over again.

It feels like we haven't seen eachother and now I'm catching up with an old friend. As I write these characters I can't help but fall in love with them over again. Like Jason says, "It' so easy we don't need to pretend."

I don't need to pretend I just met these characters, I can fall in love with them all over again just from that little break. With writing an outline I know exactlly what is going to happen to them, but even with an idea these characters still surprise me and keep me on the edge of my seat.

I do love Ace and Alex, but Pacey and Rowen are so giving them a run for their money. I know, of course, the same thing is going to happen when book three comes around, but until then I'm just going to keep falling in love with these characters again and again.

Do you fall in love with your characters over and over again? How do you come back to an old WIP?  And no...unfortunatley none of the characters in Spliced or the alien books look like Jason *lesigh* I guess I will have to write a book for him too, don't tell Mr. Lambert!

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  1. After I leave a manuscript to marinate on its own for a while, I love getting back to it. Falling in love again is truly awesome. :)


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