Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Winner of The Mating Game Blog Hop

The competition was stiff this time around, folks, let me tell you! I had a hard time choosing my winner, but I do indeed have one, the only guy in the competition who had my heart
 at purple Mohawk...

EJ Wesley!



Congratz to you both because you win an eCopy of my new adult contemporary romance, MY PAPER HEART Email me at: with your digital preference!

And congrats again, because you have made it to the reader's judging round where the readers will get to vote on their favorite couple. The winner will get a copy of all the judges books! So readers come back this Friday to see the entries and vote!

Don't forget to hop to the other judges blogs for their winners!!!


  1. E.J.'s won over two judges. Congrats E.J. and thank you Magan and all the other judges for this fun bloghop. Got to read about a lot of fun characters.

  2. Awesome! Didn't realize each judge picked their own fave, which makes it so much cooler. :-D Thanks for the opportunity to do something different, I had a blast writing it!

  3. Twice? Well then, double congrats E.J. ^_^


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