Monday, December 3, 2012

The Mating Game Blog Hop

But wait, there's more!!!

On December 14th, 2012 there will be a special readers judging round. The readers will anonymously vote on their favorite couple from the five finalists couples which were chosen by the judges. And that winner will receive all five books--one from each of the judges!!!  Stop by any of the judges blogs that day to particpate. You'll only have to go to one since the voting is linked on each of the ladies' blogs.

And Now for my excerpt and question, with a scene from My Paper Heart

"Of course he knows who you are, there are only five-thousand people in this town!" I exclaimed. "Now, where is he?" I let my eyes scan the room. It was packed with boys chewing tobacco and girls wearing cowboy hats. Brittany pointed toward the couch.

"That one, sitting in the middle."

That's when I caught my first glimpse of Blaine Crabtree. He was sandwiched in between two guys that were laughing at who knows what. At first I didn't notice anything but a big mop of bleached blonde hair, then he looked up from his pack of cloves and I was locked into the bluest eyes that I had ever seen. His expression didn't change, he didn't smile and didn't blink. It seemed like I was lost in his eyes, like he was using them to do the most calculated math problem, and that math problem was me.

I quickly gathered myself as best as I could and looked down, trying to hide my smile by biting down on my lower lip. I had hoped that no one was watching, but obviously someone else noticed our stare-down.

"What was that all about?" Sarah teased. "You better watch your man." Sarah poked Brittany in the ribs. Brittany was not amused, and looked just about as embarrassed as I was, not taking her eyes off of the ground.

I tilted my head up. "Well I guess we will just have to make him notice Brittany then!" They looked puzzled as I headed over to the stereo with the girls closely following behind me, whispering back and forth.

 I crouched down and rummaged through the pile of CDs next to the stereo system. Tool?  Really?  Nine Inch Nails?  It was no wonder everyone was just standing around. Finally I found something that would work with my plan, a disc of Def Leppard's greatest hits. I opened the CD case and put the disc into the stereo.

Everyone around me stopped what they were doing and grumbled, looking at me. I heard snippets of conversation in hushed tones, what the hell is she doing?  Then, "Pour Some Sugar on Me" started playing and I turned toward Brittany.

"Come on!" I reached my arms out to her, slowly swaying my hips as I stood up.

"Come on what?" She firmly crossed her arms across her chest.

I tugged on her arms and kept swaying, sliding my body up and down. She wouldn't budge, her arms were glued around her shirt and kept her eyes locked on the ground.

 "If you want Blaine to notice you, dance with me."

"I don't dance." She looked around and her cheeks flushed.

"You don't need to know how to dance. It's all basically just dry humping anyways!" I slid my body down to a crouching position in front of her and then slowly popped back up, sticking my butt out.

 "I choreographed Kappa Beta's spring Dance Off, Pants Off. I can show you some moves." I tried to pull on her arms again, swaying my body around her, and tried to lift her arms over her head. I leaned my back against her and slid down, as if she were a pole, and then slowly popped back up swinging my hair. She looked away from me and darted toward the other end of the room with Sarah following close behind.

"Britt! Wait!" I yelled and turned on my heels to go toward her, but a tight grip pulled me back.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" A deep country accent growled behind me. I turned toward the vice grip owner and met those blue eyes again.

Now for my question:  What was the first thing your main characters noticed about each other?

Comment below and I can't wait to hear  :)


  1. You get bonus points for having a Def Leopard reference. :-D Can't wait to take part in the hop--going to have some fun with it!

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