Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 and looking to 2013

2012 was one heckuva a year for me publishing wise and personal wise.

* I published four books

*Made some new friends in The Indelibles and the girls of NA Alley
*Redesigned my book covers with help from Steven Novak
*Made enough from writing that it paid for my daughter's daycare and all writing expenses
*Finally saw the New Adult genre take flight (after sitting on an NA manuscript for almost 3 years).
And then there was the personal stuff...
*Started a new job that was a pay raise, but changed my work hours completely
*Found out I was expecting my second child
But there is even more excitement coming as I look forward to 2013!
*Publishing a New Adult Stand Alone, THE ONLY EXCEPTION (April)
*A second novel in The My Paper Heart saga
*A science fiction young adult novel (hopefully before years end)
*The birth of my second daughter
*Hopefully keeping up more with this blog
*Praying the market isn't saturated with New Adult and science fiction and you all still want my stuff!
What are you looking forward to in 2013? Are you glad 2012 is over?


  1. *high five*
    What a great year you had, my friend. I'm sure 2013 will be awesomesauce too!

  2. Omg there's gonna be a sequel to My Paper Heart.

    1. Yes, originally I had planned for a stand alone, but with all the sales and since I could write Blaine and Libby forever, I decided to add another three books. On Paper Wings should be out in August. :)


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