Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Only Exception Cover Reveal

Yeah, it's definitely sexy. When I was looking for covers for this book I had a few ideas in mind, but nothing was just coming through. After seeing the cover for The Secret of Ella and Micha and The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden, I thought "Who is this designer that does such panty dropping covers?" That was what led me to Regina Wamba at Mae I Design.
There were many hard hours spent looking at photos of hot people, but this was the one that gave the best effect, combined with the flag motif. This is a book that has political undertones (hello hot governor's son), but it's not a book about politics. It's about love, making exceptions, and finding yourself even when you don't think you need to be found. I took a huge risk by writing this book and dealing with some heavy subject matter, but hopefully you'll love it come April 9th. Until then add it to your GoodReads and just for your entertainment, I've posted a little teaser below.

Add it to your GoodReads

"So challenging, even this early in the morning. I like it." He folded his hands on the desk and kept his face just inches from mine. That’s when I first noticed the freckles that paraded his nose and down to his cheek. It gave him a boyish charm that stood out among his usual political facade. What the hell was wrong with me? All I had been doing was arguing with the guy and now I was sitting and staring at his freckles. Something definitely had to be wrong with me.

Maybe it was the heated political debates that had my blood boiling. Or it could have been the very delicate curve of his jaw line as it dipped down into his chin. I was a sucker for a guy with a great jaw line, especially one with the faintest hint of stubble like he left it there for me to stare at. A guy that prim and proper shouldn’t have stubble, but it set him apart from the rest of his put-together attire and made him seem almost human.

"Sorry to interrupt y'all but I think it's time for class."


  1. I love that cover, Magan! It is definitely sexy and swoon-worthy.

    Also, that teaser is mindblowing-ly good! =D

  2. Really love the cover

  3. Congratulations! I'm shouting out and celebrating with you today on my blog!

  4. Thanks to everyone that participated in this and for all the cover love! I'm floored!


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