Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Release Schedule

I know, I'm not the best at posting lately. Things have been a bit crazy with a toddler and infant. AND to top that all off, I go back to my full-time job today.

Now keep all of that in mind when you look at my release schedule.


Life, Love, & Lemons - August

The Only One (Companion to The Only Exception - October

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Tentative Title)- With the 12 NA's of Christmas in November

Now 2014 is a different story. As you can see, On Paper Wings was pushed back. With the success of The Only Exception, I decided I needed to work on that companion novel first. I also was approached about the wonderful opportunity to do the 12 NA's of Christmas and had to work on that. Lemons was one that was supposed to be released awhile ago, but there was some misunderstandings that didn't get that into fruition until now.

So what's next after these books? Here is a tentative schedule for 2014 (Anything can change though)

On Paper Wings - Winter 2014

New Adult Mafia Thriller - Spring 2014

Tentative for 2014

New Adult Contemporary - Summer 2014

YA Science Fiction - Fall of 2014

Again, these can all change, but I'm excited about bringing all of these works to you!

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