Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Vote Trey Chapman for the #NACRUSHTOURNEY

Did I get your attention?  Good! Because I need YOU.
The NA Crush Tourney has started and Trey Chapman from The Only Exception NEEDS your vote.
So  go to The NA Alley Site and vote Trey Chapman/The Only Exception
And since this is a campaign, I guess I need to make some campaign promises...
If Trey Chapman makes the #NACrushTourney nomination, I will post his proposal to Monica.
YES. You will get the full proposal.
So, GO. Rock The Vote! Show the world just how smexy American Flags and political boys are


  1. AHHHHHHH! I want to read the proposal!!! Good luck, Mags!

  2. Let the politicking--and tawdry GIF war--begin! :D

  3. I've just been to the polling booth & voted for the oh so deliciously suit clad Trey Chapman!!!! Bring on the proposal scene *swoon*


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