Friday, September 11, 2015

🐾🐾🐾Interview with the author's pet: LOKI🐾🐾🐾


We are starting a new segment on the blog today.  We will be interviewing author pets!

For our first interview, we have LOKI the amazing little inspiration for Jennifer L. Armentrout/ J Lynn.

Loki, for those who have not had the pleasure of seeing your online escapades, can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself and your human?
Contrary to popular belief, I'm a girl and I wasn't named after a comic book character. I'm a 100% Dogma inspired, and I pretty much rule the house and even Diesel, who has about 60 pounds on me and is a police dog. He knows who the boss is, and that's me. The Loki Monster.

The name Loki, was that given to you by your human or did you come upon that name by happenstance?
It was given to me the moment I destroyed her living room, within hours of being in her home.

Your human mother writes about hot human men and aliens. Do you help her with any inspiration for these characters?
Do you think that she bases the traits of these strong female characters off of yourself?I think my human is weird, but I do help her search the internet for hot dudes that hot dogs.

While your human spends all day writing, what do you do around the house?

Nap. Stare at Bob the Ghost. Nap. Eat treat. Stare at Bob the Ghost. Nap.

What is the best thing you do to help...or hinder...your human's writing?

Everything that I do is the best thing, but I especially like to wait until my human is writing to demand cuddles. Oh! And I like to make her put me under the blanket, crawl back out and then make her put me back under the covers, and then climb back out and then paw on her leg until she lifts the covers again. I prefer to repeat this at least four times during any given writing session.

Does your human have future work that you have inspired?

I inspire everything she writes. Don't you know that? But I do make my literally debut in Forever With You.

Is there anything you wish that the human readers of this blog should understand about dogs like yourself, especially dogs of writers?Humans need to understand that dogs like me, awesome dogs like me, like our naps and our treats. No naps and no treats equals pee-pee in the house-ee.

Anything else you want to add?

I like to eat my human's food.
Read more about Loki in her debut novel Forever With You! (She told me she actually did most of the writing. The human just took the credit) 


  1. OMG. Laughing right now. Is is so funny and cute

  2. This was awesome! I love reading author interviews, but it turns out i'd much rather hear from their pets!


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