Thursday, September 3, 2015

New Releases this week

Hey Y'all, I'm backkkk!

My PA, Alissa, is also going to be helping me blog.

We'll be talking about everything from books to babies and everything inbetween.

But one thing we want to keep up with is sharing our friends new releases so we'll try and do that every Thursday! Keep a look out!

9 WAYS TO FALL by various authors: It was rough and violent, and I usually felt it the next day. Those were also the nights I came the hardest and glowed the longest, so I guess I was as twisted as he was.

NEXT by Rachael Brownwell They all called the next day. They all asked for another chance, one more shot. Not. Going. To. Happen.

PHANTOM HEARTSTRINGS by Felicia Lynn  Love comes easy to some. It came easy to me. Loving him was never an issue. Appreciating him was as easy as breathing. Years of living a life of what others viewed as perfection gave me the security I thought was most valuable.

Dark Beyond The Stars by various authors:  "He got us! He got us!" That was the second coachman, Emalkay. The numbskull didn't try to recover. He just screamed and thrashed in his five-point harness, face plastered against the viewport to see when the next plasma blast was coming."

Hold on by Kristen Ashley:  Until the night when Cher took Garrett's back and things changed. The Merrick family loves deep. They also protect fiercely. And with his eyes finally open, Garrett sees the woman who truly is for him and he goes after her.

If I didn't know better by Barbara Freethy:  Mia Callaway thought she had the perfect guy and the perfect job...until she didn't. After a run of bad luck, Mia is looking for an escape, so she agrees to go to Angel's Bay to clean out her aunt's house. She has no idea that the wounded soldier next door and his adorable, but also wounded, daughter are about to change her definition of perfect. Add in stolen art, a family secret, and a town where miracles can happen, and Mia's escape turns out to be the greatest adventure of her life.

Throttled by Elizabeth Lee:   It's a race he never expected to be in, for a girl he can't stand to lose again

Paradisi Escape by Tristan James:  In the last decades of the twenty-first century, ten families seeking to escape an increasingly devastated Earth focus their power and wealth on constructing spaceships that will allow a select few to leave Earth and colonize the world they call New Eden. Here, on their new home in the Paradisi System, these Founding Families hope to avoid the environmental and political disasters that were destroying Earth. But they find that the world they claim for their own is already inhabited.

The Gambler by Denise Grover Swank:  Libby St. Clair believes in fate—so much so, she’s willing to pin everything on a curse a fortune teller placed on her and her two best friends when they were kids.

ONE by various authors:  An Exclusive Collection of EIGHTEEN Brand NEW Sexy One Night Changes Everything Stories

Memphis Black: The Rockers of Steel by MJ Fields:  A boy like him would never notice a girl like her, yet he did … once. It’s all fun and games until someone gets rocked.

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