Monday, January 18, 2010

Work Life.

So I graduated in what was dubbed one of the worst times for college graduates to find jobs. Most of the kids in my major decided to either go to grad school, or just constantly search for some kind of a job that dealt with the Political Science major, which meant basically unemployment.

Me on the other hand, I already had my foot in the door working at a call center for a major insurance company. So a month after I graduated I moved up a tiny rung of the ladder to go from call center employee to secretary in a claim's department. In other words I was a consultant's gopher.

Don't get me wrong, it's a step in the right direction in a big company, but it doesn't do much for my ego. The other people I hang out with are either college students, or have graduated long ago and are more established in their jobs. Needless to say the secretary is not thought of highly.

So what do I do to escape the mundane work drones? I wrote a book. Yes, a young adult novel. All I can think about at work is getting back to my novel, to edit and to pine over my query. I feel like I'm trying to rush it, but I definitely need a change from the mundane.

The punching bag needs to take a punch of her own and step up to the plate. No I'm not going to go out and attack other girls for what they wear or what they look like. But I think the ultimate 'punch' would be to get this book published.

Of course here is what the movies don't tell you. First you have to finish a book, that's step 1. Then you have to write a query and a synopsis. Doesn't sound hard does it? Well it is! I feel like I am grasping at straws here. So I just wait for people to pimp my query as I pine over it between reports that come onto my desk. Then after the query is done, I start sending that out to agents. I'm getting prepared for rejection. I figure if I get 50 rejections, then something is defnitely wrong, and I should start over.

So starting soon, I'm actually going to put myself in the ring, and let myself get 'punched' over and over. Hopefully it will be all worth it in the end, and I can have a few punches of mine.

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