Saturday, February 20, 2010


I was reading some statistics on how thousands of people have graduated from Creative Writing programs and how thousands of people are constantly trying to get new books published.

I should be scared right? Shaking in my fuzzy pink slippers. It's obvious I'm not much of the competitive type, I played soccer, but I wasn't aggressive enough. The truth is, I'm actually not as worried as I really should be.

I actually got my first partial request from an amazing agent that talks about ninjas on her twitter. If she says she likes my partial and wants a full and then wants to represent me, sweet. If not, then that means I just have to try harder, but my new query is pretty BA.

What does this mean? That I'm developing thicker skin? That I really am becoming a boxer and can take all the punches?

*Shrug* Who knows? But I know that I am happy for just how far I have come and I know that I LOVE my book and that I have to huge fans of my book (yes they are two of my very good friends, but I know they wouldn't lie to me...especially not Miss Kelly, because she didn't even want to read it in the first place.)

I also have realized that I do have alot going for me, other than just the book. I probably have the greatest fiance ever, I'm a homeowner, I work for a fortune 500 company, and I make a mean stuffed sausage pizza.

So all in all, this punching bag is looking pretty good. Now if I can just get some killer abs...that would be SWEET.

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