Friday, March 5, 2010


When I was younger and the mean girls picked on me...I wrote. When I couldn't take not having any friends in my classes...I sat and read or did character mapping. What do I do now to relieve my stress of work/wedding planning/editing and waiting on agent submissions? Well I think I shall blog!

Thus (to the delight of my whole 6 followers!) I will be blogging more, WOOT. (I should like a teenage girl-nerd, but I am 22 I can do that.) Why more blogging? Well I actually blog at work for one of our employee resource groups and I have just been informed that my company's Twitter/Facebook person is about my age, so he won't be retiring any time soon.

So here are some fun facts about me...we'll go with ten of them. Maybe then you will find me interesting.

10.)I am literally reading three books right now. I read one book on my lunch hour at work ,Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner. My at home book is Forever by Judy Blume (No I haven't read it yet dont' judge me.) Then, since I am getting married May 15th, I constantly read Our marriage preparation book that the catholic priest gave us. Okay maybe that doesn't count as a book, but I still read it!
9.) I thought my ipod broke, but then when I found out it does work I accidently deleted all of the music that was on it. Thus I now only h ave about 10 CD's on my ipod, so over and over again I hear random mixes of Lady Gaga, Oasis, Brad Paisley, and Hannah Montana.
8.) I have gained 7 pounds since I bought my wedding dress and since it's a tight fitting mermaid style I really need to lose it. Yet I can't resist sweets so it's going to be an interesting journey.
7.) I REALLY was in a sorority. People will judge me by that, but I was looking for acceptance and, at the time, was dating a boy in a fraternity. Needless to say I still find myself addicted to pearls and argyle...even though I dropped my senior year.
6.) I want to move to the South, but my fiance hates me. (He really doesn't, but he likes the snow, don't ask why.)
5.)I went to school for Politics and Women Studies thinking that I would be a lawyer. Needless to say after $30,000 in student loans and falling in love I decided to just work in insurance.
4.) I love to write. I actually applied to college as a journalisim major, but then switched to Politics and Government before I even started school. I really regret that now. But to quote Christopher Walken (I do this alot, even in my own book) "The past is the past, the future is now."
3.)I have a size 11 foot. Shoe buying is my least favorite activity.
2.)I am OBSESSED with southern culture. (Thus my book takes place in Louisiana.) I don't know what it is about it, but I just love everything. From the food, to the cityscape, to just the slow pace of life; I love it.
1.) I am writing this blog while at work and listening to Rascall Flatts on my iPod (Shhh don't tell!)


  1. I can totally relate to hating shoe shopping--my feet are two different sizes. And I've been wanting to go to the south, so hopefully I can take a trip there soon.

  2. I recommend the south especially New Orleans. I'm still trying to convince my fiance to move to Baton Rouge...he'll cave in someday...


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