Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taking a break


I'm not naming names, but an agent who I was looking really foreward to working with had a partial of mine. Needless to say, since I am not jumping up and down and screaming right now, after two weeks with my partial I received a form rejection. It sucks, there really isn't another word for it. I'm also not a very eloquent person and I don't feel like putting on the writer hat and coming up with something better. Sometimes I wonder if my story is ACTUALLY good enough to be published. Is it just another cliche story that people have heard amillion times? I have a friend that's going to go through edits with me again, I bought a grammar and punctuation workbook, and then I think I'm going to try another set of Beta readers. Part of me really just wants to give up and live the rest of my life in the insurance world, but another part of me realizes that I love this too much to give up. I mean another agent does still have a partial and I LOVE these characters too much to really give up on them.

I'm supposed to go to a SCWBI (Society of children's book writers) critique group tommorrow, but at the same time I don't know if this critique group is right for me. They are all unpublished and writing middle grade books, so it's not like they are really writing the same things as me and may not have the same interest. I got really worried at my last meeting when they were amazed that I could write 68,000 words for my book. BUT I am going to try and go at this with an open mind. I'm going to continue posting my book on textnovel and probably join RWA (if the freaking local chapter head will get back with me).

So I need some kind of moral with this, right? I mean I'm that fearless shadow boxer, punching back at all those obstacles. Well sometimes the boxer needs a break. I'm not completely knocked out yet, but it's just going to be a couple more stumbles before I start rolling with the punches. But just for my six loyal followers...I'll make sure to get a few good jabs in.

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