Monday, March 8, 2010

Things that irk me.

So there are alot of things that irk me. But today's irk is my latest in a tirade of irks that I feel I must express my anguish for.

I really, REALLY dislike it when in books (or movies or TV shows for that matter) do not develop their charcters relationships enough to make me believe that they really like/love eachother. I really hate that I am supposed to believe that this girl is madly in love with this boy when they have only known eachother for a week and all they have done is screw.

Now I respect Judy Blume's book "Forever" for what it has done for literary and young adult fiction, but I just don't find the character's romance believeable. I really would have liked to see Katherine and Michael hang out and do more than just fool around. I did feel like their whole relationship was based around sexual desire and I don't think that sex=love. Why can't we see them go to the movies? Or maybe even a scene with them talking on the phone? It seemed like everytime they hung out Michael was just trying to get in her pants and it really irked me.

But then you have books like Twilight...
Now the first movie did not do justice to the relationship of Bella/Edward. In the book I actually felt them develop into a relationship (though I think it was based on the fact that he just wanted to smell and stare at her). But with those 500 million pages you saw their relationship develop without anything more than kissing.

Now don't get me wrong I am all for kissing and making with the love in YA books, (Yes my MS has all of the above), but I don't think that should be the entire focus of the book. Develop the characters! Make me want to see the couple make it through! (And I am going to be struck by lightning for slamming Judy Blume). But I truly believe that to truly get an experience you need to see more than just the characters bump and grind...unless of course it's an erotic novel then all bets are off.

That's all..I should go back to work now.

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