Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Throwing Ideas Out there

Okay I still have another beta reader and waiting to hear back on a partial (I am actually not going to TOUCH my MS till after that), but I just wanted to throw some ideas out there and feedback would be helpful...

* In the beginning: Instead of having Libby talk to her parents start out with her actually on the bus going to Louisiana. I would include flashbacks to her parents with the letter, her days in college, ect.

* Instead of a Fashion Merchandising major: Let's really play up on what I know here and make her a political science major. But then after working for the newspaper she realizes that she loves to write. I could even have her go out and do a story at the last minute and it's well written just poor grammar and punctuation.

*Make the ex boyfriend a bigger factor and put more about Brittany's mom. (You know some of this only applies to you that have read this MS, but I'm just throwing this out there).

I think I need to put my MS aside for now (I def. queried way too early...I'm impatient). I also need to focus on Wedding Planning (two months away now, AGH.) And then of course I need to work on my letter to Gonzaga..

In other news...the punching bag might start taking some boxing lessons...I have to live up to my online persona, don't I?

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