Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Small edit

May 23rd
You know how some people say 'it's just been one of those days'? Well I think I have been having just one of those weeks… School ended the 12th. Grades went out on the 19th; my parents received the letter that I had been kicked out on the 20th. I mean, it's not like I meant to never go to class, but try telling your parents that.
"Olivia Grace Gentry's grades have not been able to meet the required 2.0 grade point average for two semesters; therefore she will not be welcomed back to Illinois State University for the fall semester." My mom read out loud, emphasizing not as if it was the dirtiest word she had ever heard.
"Mom, it's not like I tried to fail out." I held my hands out, as if my excuse was some kind of a gift that I had wrapped up and presented to her.
My parents sat across the dining room table from me. My mom, with the letter in her hand and my dad, with his fingers wrapped around a glass of bourbon. I had been waiting for this conversation ever since the letter came in the mail. I was mentally preparing myself for the worst.
I could go to community college (I dealt with drunk frat guys for a whole year, so I'm pretty sure I could deal with a few creepy old men in class), or maybe working in my dad's office (screaming kids with cavities were not exactly the way that I wanted to spend my day. I had enough of that being in a sorority). The different scenarios would play in my head over and over again.
But what I wasn't ready for was what my parents were about to tell me.
My dad swirled his drink in his hands, not taking his eyes off of it as he sighed.
"Libby, your father and I have been discussing your predicament." My mother folded her hands on the table. "And we have decided that you should go work for your Great Aunt Dee."
I stopped twirling my long blonde waves and stared at my mother. Our brown eyes met, before she looked back at my father and patted his knee. "We both think this would be the best thing for you. I'll drive you down to the bus station tomorrow morning and then you'll leave for Louisiana."
"LOUISIANA? GREAT AUNT DEE?" I screeched. "Can we just back this up here? I mean, don't I get a say in this?"
My dad sighed again and stood up. "Lib. You messed up. There's nothing else I can really say about that. Aunt Dee agreed that you could stay with her for awhile and work at the newspaper, and think about it Libby. Do you really think you're going to find a job here? With your experience you may be able to get a job flipping burgers…"
I opened my mouth to say something, but I knew he was right. It's not like I ever had a job before and I definitely wasn't the fast food working type. I would look horrible in a hairnet.
"Maybe that will give you some time to think, and you can enroll somewhere else in the fall." Then dad gave me his signature, this conversation is over, don't say another word or I'm going to lose my cool, look and I knew there was no getting out of this.
My friends didn't understand why I would just give into my parents. I mean I was nineteen and a legal adult. I could go to war, get a tattoo, and buy cigarettes, all at the same time if I really wanted to. But it was different with my parents. If I disobeyed them where would I go? I wasn't willing to give up my trust fund to go live in some cheap apartment and work at a fast food place. I figured I could survive one summer doing what my parents wanted and not have to deal with a lifetime of nametags and hairnets.

There was nothing that I coudl say to my parents that would change their mind. I knew they had already thought the worst anyways. That I had just turned into some drunk partying every night co-ed. I wondered if tehy really knew the truth, why I was struggling at school, or did they even care? I eman on teh outside I just appeared as some priviliged blonde, sorority girl, but if they knew what was really behind the blonde mask...mayeb they would be committing me somewhere much more scure than Louisiana....

What do y'all think of this change just to the last paragraph?

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