Monday, March 22, 2010

Book titles

Some of you know what my book is about. Some of you have even read it. Well I think I need a better title. So even if you haven't read it or just have a gist of what it's about it, help me with a title? just say what jumps out to you!

A paper summer
My paper heart
My own summer
My (Potential) summer love story
The paper princess
1000 miles
Somewhere between love and Louisiana
Love and Paper
Hot off the presses
Front page story
From sorority to swamp
Paper girl
Love on paper

I haven't found the one I'm in love with yet, but I think I'm getting closer...


  1. I like My (Potential) Summer Love Story, My Own Summer, and My Paper Heart. And Somewhere between Love and Louisiana is growing on me, but it feels a little off.

    Could you combine some of them though, or change them up a liitle? It might give you a few more options, like...

    The Summer of My Paper Heart
    My Own Paper Summer
    Lost in Love (and Louisiana)
    My/A Paper Love Story

    Hope I didn't just make things even harder haha, good luck! :D

  2. I'm debating on "My Paper Heart" and "My Own Summer" has been the title since day one. I'm just worried because "My Paper Heart," is also a song by All American Rejects and "My Own Summer," is also a song by The Ramones.

  3. I like something to do with "Southern Belle" or "true to self" or something like that. I gotta think about this one!

  4. True story: I'm sitting in a meeting with my manager and he asked what my "Ultimate goal" is, and I looked at him straight in the eye and said "To be a southern belle." He tried not to laugh.


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