Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here is a new try for titles...

So my main character's name is Libby Gentry. I literally picked most of the last names from either A.) College football players B.) The St. Bernard phone book or C.) Random people that I have encountered at work (from either names of people who called when I worked in the call center, ect.)

So needless to say that I had no idea what the name "Gentry" actually meant. So here's what it actually means.

Gentry (origin Old French genterie, from gentil ‘high-born, noble’) denotes “well-born and well-bred people” of high social class, especially in the past. [1], [2]

Gentry in its widest connotation refers to people of good social position connected to the rural land estates (see Manorialism) including various ranks of nobility, clerical upper crust and "gentle" families of long descent who never obtained official rights to bear a coat of arms. In England the term often refers to the social class of the landed aristocracy or to the minor aristocracy.

I've thought alot about putting "Southern Belle" in the title, because lets face it I think I am a southern belle, but unfortunatley I don't live in the south.

I'm still playing with it..but here are some new ideas.

A Southern Gentry
Libby Gentry goes South
From Beta to Belle
Belle on the Bayou
Tarnished Southern Belle
Southern Belles don't fail college
Potential Southern Belle
From Louisiana with Love

That's all for today....I should actually work

Oh OH! I just thought of another one! "Belle on the heart" (Why yes, yes I am obsessed with the Eric Church song "Hell on the heart," thank you!

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  1. "Saved by southern charm?" ey ey? Okay me and Miranda Lambert and Eric church need to go sit down...

    First one to come up with an amazing title gets rice krispy treats.


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