Thursday, April 22, 2010

Follow me...I'm the pied piper

So if you're not following me yet you really should be.

Found out from an editor that my book is not YA it is actually adult fiction. WHAT? Yeah I thought nineteen was young adult, but clearly I am wrong. Way to go waste of thirty queries. (But I have gotten told via twitter ,by my own personal Barbara Streisand, Deidre Knight that I am awesome! Yes I am that much of a nerd that I squealed because of it).

So once the MS of "My Paper Heart" (working title, Mandy Hubbard told me that publishers will change it anyways) is back from my editor then it goes out to be queried again, SHIZAM.

In other news I do have a new WIP. I am being VERY secretive about it though. Let's just say it involves a dad's lay off and emo boys.

Okay, okay I'll give you a sneak peak *Drum roll* The very first line is:

When life hands you lemons sometimes you just have to saw screw the lemons and bail.

Are you excited? Because I sure am. My BFFF is helping me write it...yes don't ask how it works, but usually it goes like this.
Me: Kelly is this something a teenager would say? Is this funny? Is this too provactive?
Kelly: You whine like a little girl and shouldn't you be working?

This is the most random post in the world, so here is my fun facts of the day:

1.) I realized that I have atleast another three years where I can still dress trendy and people won't make fun of me too bad since I'm young.
2.) I watched the movie "Keith," and absolutely adored it.
3.) I just want to stay home all day and lay in bed and watch Law and Order: SVU, but I literally don't have a free weekend until the end of June.
4.) I applied for a job in the state of Washington and I'm hoping for atleast an interview.
5.) I'm too cheap to buy books in hardcover, so I have my mother-in-law buy and read them then I borrow them from her.

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