Thursday, April 1, 2010

Interview with singer James Maples

Here starts my first attempt at an interview for my blog. I love geek to glam stories and knew my first one had to be someone that I know personally. James and I grew up together and performed in school plays and sang loudly in 8th grade choir. Currently James is living in Rockford and will be appearing on this season's America's Got Talent! You can also find him on Facebook or Twitter, and I must say that he is pretty fab!

Q1 : Did you always want to do music? What has inspired you to continue to pursue it?

A: I have always wanted to do music. I have been doing music since I was 10. I have been very inspired recently by Gaga. I've met many artists in the past two years, but she tops the cake. The main reason she inspires me so much is because at first they thought she just wanted attention, but then people started to be really impressed by her song writing. I love that she is able to have fun with it and it makes me able to have more fun with my music. Just seeing Gaga performing live and turning songs like "Poker Face" into a ballad and just her realness. I want to be like her and to make me and not have the studio make me.

Q2: What kept you motivated throughout high school and college? I know you tried out twice for American Idol, but how and why America's Got Talent?

A: I did American Idol when I was 16. They told me to come back. I was "too young" then again in 2009. I got quite a bit of media from Fox News. That is how I got my producer. America's Got Talent was something I thought I would try. Out of 9,000 people (half singers) I was casted! I figured I could be more "me" w/AGT. AI is very scripted. There is a lot the public does not know about American Idol.
Q3: What is easier after you found out those things about Idol to move on?
A:I was so sad when I was 16. I thought my dream was over. It was when I went to college; I knew I had what it takes. I then started developing a fan base. But I’m so glad AI was successful in 09. I got a producer from it! I’m in the studio working on demos to give 2 labels and I have a Fox audition for Glee. Needless to say, I'm glad that Idol did not work out. It's 80 % acting 20% talent (the 20% usually end up in the final four).

Q4: I heart Glee; I've actually even blogged about the show. Can you relate to any of the characters on the show? What made you decide to audition for Glee?

A: Well I had the string to pull an audition. Yes I can relate to pretty much all the characters. I was an underdog in high school. The arts were never appreciated, but…I knew I had to follow my dreams and heart. Look at me now. I’m doing it and most of my class is either homeless, pregnant, drop outs, or partying all night and acting like they are in school still.

Q5: Tell me a little bit what high school was like for you?

A: I wasn't popular freshman and sophomore year and junior and senior year I wasn't popular but I didn't talk to everyone. When I look back, I don't want to say that I was fake, but I wasn't being the real me I was always trying to be with the popular kids and I only felt like myself when I was in theatre. I did get teased a lot and it sucks that I had to be something other than myself and in the end I wasn't being myself and I regret it a lot looking back. I think I could have done more with chorus and solos, but I was too afraid to get out of the shadows.

Q1: And how does that experience help you with your music now?

A: It definitely helps me with my writing now. I mean I came from a small town where I was an underdog and I’m not going to let my high school past hold me back from what I want to do. I’m not apologizing for anything because it would be more like apologizing for the truth.
Overall don't be afraid: Bring out your weirdness and bring out your uniqueness. Bring something new to the table! When I auditioned for America's Got Talent I told them about this weird high pitched noise that I used to do when I was nervous and then I showed them the noise, and the judges loved it! So be yourself and don't hide it!

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