Monday, April 12, 2010


So you think I'm going to write about Love, do ya?

Well this is love, but not the love that you are thinking of (Though Hubby poo is great).

I just wanted to say that I love, love, LOVE my first completed manuscript. Yes it is currently with an editor and once she is done tearing it to shreds and then I add those edits in to make it the best story ever, I honestly can't wait to query again.

Call me a nerd (this happens alot), call me whatever but I think you have to love your work very much to take all the rejection that comes along with it. When I was getting picked on in school, I wasn't ready yet to stand up for those things I really liked, but the things that I really loved I did defend till the death of them.

For instance: I had knee-high black I believe eighteen eyed pleather boots. I LOVED these boots. I got made fun of till no end in 8th grade for having these boots, but I didn't stop wearing them just because no one else liked them.

I think this is how everyone should feel about things that they love. Don't stop writing just because you get rejected! Don't stop singing just because you're off key! And don't stop reading those books you love just because people tell you that you look silly reading about teenage vampires!

Love what you do and if you don't love it, then why are you doing it?

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