Sunday, May 2, 2010

Interview with Aussie Teen Author: Steph Bowe.

Magan: As a published author how does your life differ from the typical
teenager? Or doesn't it?

Steph: My life's different in that there's a lot of work I have to do - writing and the business aspect of being an author. So I spend a lot more time on my own than other people my age do.

Magan: I know you got to school by correspondence right now, but has that been something that you've always done or why did you leave a regular school?

Steph: I started doing school by correspondence about four years ago, because regular school environment didn't suit me - it wasn't flexible enough for me to pursue my dreams as a writer.

Magan: Has the experience that you had in school helped your writing at all. If so, how? Or if not what did help your writing?

Every single part of my life has helped and continues to help me as a writer... Everything inpires me, and even negative experiences help.

Magan: As the non-typical australiann teenager (and one of my favorite little magical writer stories) do you find that people treat you differently now
that you're a published author or have things not changed?

I meet a lot of people who are a bit resentful I've gotten published so young, and a lot of people who are really happy for me. But my life is mostly the same as before.

Magan: What is writing to you? Is it your escape, just a fun hobby, or
something that a vampire from beyond made you do or he'd kill you and your family?

Now, writing feels like a job more than anything! But I like to think of it as a vice... Something that's done under the cover of darkness, something non-writers don't get. It feels slightly illegal, making something out of nothing. It's like stealing reality.

Magan: Besides writing is there anything else that you like to do that is unique or may be perceived as weird by anyone not as cool as you?

Honestly, I barely have time for anything else!

Magan: How would you tell other girls your age (or even us insecure twenty somethings) to deal with all the pressure and drama that gets thrown their way?

Know that everyone else is just as insecure and experiencing self-doubt as much as you are. Stay true to yourself, be your own person, ignore their crap!

Magan: Famous last words?

My own or someone else's? I don't mine yet. It's funny you ask that, because one of the characters in Girl Saves Boy is obsessed with last words...

Magan: And just for fun a fab five: Favorite book, movie, food, TV show, and music artist?
Everything Beautiful by Simmone Howell. Hot Fuzz. Cake. Supernatural. The Killers.

Steph Bowe is a sixteen-year-old YA author represented by Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown. Her debut novel, Girl Saves Boy, will be published by Text Publishing in Australia & New Zealand in September 2010 and by Egmont USA in America in 2011. She blogs about reading & writing YA fiction at Hey! Teenager of the Year and lives in Victoria, Australia.

Check her out at

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