Monday, June 14, 2010

The hiatus is over!

So I'm back from Sicily! It was definitely a beautiful country but I am glad to be back to air conditioning and tap water.

Since I like lists and I'm still suffering from jet lag...I'm just going to list what's going on, what's up and coming, and maybe some Sicily info.

*MY PAPER HEART has come back from my editor. Not actually that much to work on, but it's probably going to take me awhile.
*Eight more followers and my blog give away will be here!
*My husband informed me that he will NOT read a book I write until it's the equal to THE HUNGER GAMES, but he would like me to become a best selling author so that he can retire at 52.
*I am looking for a critique partner. I want someone that writes and also enjoys YA/Chick-Lit romance. Books that I have enjoyed reading include: A match made in high school, A perfect Chemistry, The Georgia Nicholson series, and Just Listen. I'm okay with some fantasy, but it's limited. I liked The Hunger Games, Twilight, and Stackhouse, but I have to feel a sort of realistic element to it. If you are interested you may know where to find me.
*Interview with Author/Agent Mandy Hubbard is coming up on this blog get excited!
*I ate canolis that were filled with gelato in Italy and it is clearly the reason that my jeans do not fit me.
*I'm not sure what else to say, BUT if we're facebook friends you can check out the honeymoon pictures!

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