Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tell All Tuesday

So here is this new little segment that I am calling "Tell all Tuesday."  During this time I will either rant, fangirl, or just in general talk about something no-holds bar that's really exciting me or making me upset.  People are free and encouraged to comment, BUT I don't want spam or snark.  I am willing to have intelligent debates with people, but I don't want any just point black criticisim or saying "I'm wrong."  All of these views are the opinion of one Magan Vee and in no way am I trying to really offend anyone.

So the first tell all Tuesday is....

Oil spills, Floods, and Earthquakes...OH MY

So as I was away in Sicily I was kept very up to date on world news since the only English stations on TV were BBC and Aljazeera.  The one constant topic that they were talking about was the oil spill in the gulf coast.  For those of you (okay lets face it you know by now) I work for a major insurance company, but I will not mention names or what I do in the department, so anyways you can see why I have a vested interest in the oil spill.  One of the comments that was made on BBC that really got to me was when they said that Obama's approval rating, with regards to the oil spill, was lower than Bush's during Hurricane Katrina.

Oh yeah you heard me.

For those who have read my book or just know me in general, Katrina is very near and dear to my heart.  I spent some time building Habitat homes after Katrina , wrote a book that took place in New Orleans, and when my Nana (grandfather's) family came to America they came to New Orleans, so needless to say Louisianna is very special to me.  That being said I saw Katrina first hand, I saw the effects that it had on people emotionally and physically.  And for those who remember Katrina...WHERE WAS BUSH?  Really were where was he?  He didn't do anything and when he did do something it was miniscual.  Yes, granted, Obama hasn't done too much either, but what can he do?  Our military is not equipped for this kind of damage and he's trying to do everything he can by pushing BP and meeting with legislatures.  There is alot of hands in this pot that have to be and he can't just cross them.  The rig is actually not owned by BP (one hands), The equipment needed to scoop up all this oil is minimal and can't do all of it (another hand), Fisherman and Tourist outlets are suffering financially because of this and need help (another hand).  So it's not as easy as doing something simple such as...oh lets say getting people better places to live than small FEMA trailers.

Which I can go on about that for days, but this leads me to my next point that kind of brings it together.  The Haiti earthquake.  Celebrities donated millions of dollars and even did a new "We are the world."  Where are the celebrities for The Gulf Coast?  Sure for Katrina they came around...about six months later.  The celebrity faces of Katrina were Sean Penn on a boat with a gun and Kanye West talking smack about George Bush, but Haiti gets Madonna donating millions, Justine Bieber singing songs, and every grocery store selling red ribbons.  I'm not saying that Haiti doesn't need aid, I'm not, but what about the people suffering in the gulf coast?  Why don't you see celebrities down on their hands and knees washing animals with Dawn soap?  That's what I want to see on the news. 

This is why I applaud all of the authors and country stars that are doing everything they can for Nashville.  If I could leave work and help the gulf coast, or Nashville, I would.  (It's also kind of a conflict of interest in a weird way).

But that is all I have to say on that topic for now.  I didn't mean to offend anyone and if I did, why did I offend you?  How do you feel about these disasters affecting the US and what do you think can be done about them?

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