Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

So I wanted to do something a bit different for a “Teaser Tuesday.” Usually I would give a little excerpt of a WIP, but since my WIP is kind of on the shelf write now and I don’t want to give out too much info on my MS on submission I thought I would give you a little playlist…

So if you haven’t seen the contest (which really only two people have entered, so if you enter now you have a pretty good shot for one of three prizes) you will see that one of the prizes is The Glee music CD. One of the questions asked was Why that CD and why a CD at all? Well if you haven’t noticed how much I enjoy the show Glee and have constantly talked about it in this blog then you have surely missed out. But the next part, why the music? Well it’s kind of my little cure for writer’s block and for how to focus. I go to Pandora and I have my own station entitled “MY OWN SUMMER” (the original title of my MS), I put in one artist and it started playing similar artists and songs. From there I would mark what I like and what I didn’t like. As I worked on the manuscript I would listen to that music and it would just remind me of certain scenes or one song lyric would just bring up a whole new chapter. I actually suggested this to a guy at a RWA meeting and he said that it worked really well for him!

So, there are a few of you who have read my MS (now titled MY PAPER HEART), there will be no other copies going out though since I do have a few agents with partials and fulls and I want to respect that. BUT for this little Teaser Tuesday I’m going to list off ten of the songs on my play list and say how they coincided with my MS or a certain scene. (P.S. Yes there is a lot of country…it does take place in the south)

1.) Only prettier – Miranda Lambert
The song is all about being “saved by the grace of southern charm,” so needless to say my character pretty much engulfed in that southern charm.
2.) I never told you-Colbie Colliat
My main character and her love interest had a pretty big roller coaster of a relationship and I could just imagine this song playing after one of their many fights. Well that and the love interest has great blue eyes.

3.) Cowboy Cassanova- Carrie Underwood
Let’s just say that the love interest has a bit of a playboy reputation and there again “a snake with blue eyes,” but he’s not a snake…well he sort of is…ignore me now…
4.) God bless the broken road- Rascall Flatts
The ultimate country love song! Two star-crossed lovers, roller coaster of a relationship with rocky pasts from each? Hello Rascall Flatts lyrics!
5.) Home – Michael Buble
“Another summer day has come and gone away.” That’s the line that started the whole last fifty pages of the book and really made it take off.
6.) Pour some sugar on me – Def Leppard
Let’s just say that the main character may or may not dance to this song that will spur a chain of events.
7.) Hell on the heart- Eric Church
a. Just hearing this song makes me think of my main character. Except that she’s not very bright so the whole “every bit as funny as she is smart” line is a little off…
8.) Picture to burn-Taylor Swift
a. “I hate that stupid old pick-up truck you never let me drive.” Those lyrics somehow just made me want the love interest to drive a big old red pick-up truck and to want to drive everywhere…don’t ask questions…
9.) Ladies love country boys – Trace Adkins
a. “A wild eyed boy with a farmer’s tan” This song is soooo my main character and her love interest. Just every word describes the love interest.
10.) Boondocks- Little big town
a. First off…just saying “That I was born and raised out in the boondocks.” These lyrics just describe the little town that this story took place in and it just makes me smile…

So that was my play list and I hope by listening to it you can kind of imagine what my MS is about and hope you enjoy.

Do you have a play list for your MS? How does music affect your writing or every day life?

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