Monday, July 19, 2010

Project Castro

The most platonic obsession in the history of obsessions...

So I like doing interviews and I like Jason Castro, so it made me think...

About Jason Castro singing and me running my fingers through his dreadlocks..


I mean, uhhhhhhhhhhhh.....


Project Castro has begun.  My goal is to somehow get an interview with Jason Castro that may or may not involve him singing.  (I would LOVE for that even if it is through Skype).  So Project Castro will follow me as I try and get an interview with Jason Castro and maybe a song or some dread lock feeling.

So day 1:  Project Castro

If you have any way to contact the dread locked wonder boy then you should really let me know...  If you do then I will bake you a cake or something fun!

**Note I am a married woman and have no interest on doing anything with Jason Castro other than hearing him sing and feel his dreadlocks.  Thus it's the most platonic obsession.

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