Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tell All Tuesday

Why I deactivated Facebook.

When I started college, in 2005, Facebook was just a college thing. You could go on, meet your fellow classmates, post pictures from parties, and do whatever other crazy things that came along with facebook. Then it branched out from college students to high schoolers and before long anybody with a name and a an e-mail account could have facebook. I have seen people get turned down for jobs because of inappropriate pictures, articles about teenagers committing suicide because of something that someone wrote on their Facebook wall.

Sure Facebook is good for some things like promoting yourself, networking, keeping up with old friends, or sharing your pictures. But when I really started to look at all the bad things it was bringing into my life I knew that it was toxic. I was spending my spare time checking other people’s facebook statuses instead of living in the real world. I knew when I sat there crying because someone put something mean about me on facebook (hello pregnancy hormones) that me and facebook definitely had to break it off.

I’m not saying that I’ll never go back to facebook because I do like keeping in touch with my friends from high school or seeing people’s pictures from vacation. But if they really are my friends and not just my facebook friends then I should be able to talk to them not just via facebook. I will still keep my Twitter and this blog going, but my life sans facebook will probably give me more time to blog, edit my manuscript, and more importantly live in the real world instead of the facebook one.

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