Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WIP Wednesday


Text with my friend Rachel today:

Me:  Why would someone have the overwhelming urge to tell someone that they love them?

Rachel:  Because they had sex and are confusing infatuation and passion with love?  Or they've been hurt by someone they"loved" in their past and want confirmation and reassurance that the feelings are reciprocated?

Me:  You're so smart!  Lol I"m to that part of the MS and thinking why Libby wants to say it so bad.

Rachel:  Nice, definitely good to try and get inside her head.

Me:  I think it's definitely a reassurance thing for Libby.  She years for love and's why she joined a sorority. 

Rachel:  That sounds more like her to me.

And so it began, realizing that I had to start thinking like my character.  Sure there is a reason why I first told my husband that I love him, or that I just knew my two characters should be in love...  But then I knew that I had to not just think about me, but get inside of my character's head.

Now that I've seen more of the real Libby that I was trying to portray, not the stuck up sorority girl, but the tarnished, vulnerable girl with a yearning for acceptance...BOOM, I got inside my character's head.

How do you get inside your characters' head?  How would your character tell someone that they love them?


  1. Usually my characters start from some part of me and then they grow into their own person from there. I tend to not know what they're going to do until I put them in the situation and then I just write whatever comes naturally from them. In the manuscript I'm currently writing, my characters don't actually exchange the L word since the moment just never organically came...but maybe in the sequel. Glad you're getting more deeply into Libby's head!

  2. I think the real question I got asked was "Why does she need to even say it?" Then I realized if I didn't have that conflict it would cut out half my story...soooo...Libby and I are chatting. She hates my nagging, but girl has got to learn!


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