Monday, September 13, 2010

BLOGEST IS CLOSED, but our second winner has been picked!

Blogfest is closed today at 213 entries.

One winner has been announced and since some of you didnt' believe that it ended until midnight (maybe it wasn't supposed to), I did extend it with another winner.

How did I pick the winners?  Oh it's very scientific...  I had select a random number and then I counted down the entries to get the number.  (i.e. I may have picked number 12 or something, but since some people had multiple entries it may have not been comment 12.)

And who is our second winner?

Cari said...
new Follower


CONGRATS CARI!  I will be e-mailing you shortly to see which two books you would like!

Tiffany and Cari are our two winners for the contest and I'm thinking I'll have to do this again soon!

Now I just have to keep you guys interested in the blog, so what have I got to keep you interested?

Interviews with:  Stacey Kade, Kristin Walker, Lisa Desrochers, editors and agents!

Updates from Kelsey Ketch on DEATHS ISLAND

Updates from me on this glorious querying journey.  (Yes I have two fulls out of 28 queries sent that are still lingering for my women's fiction project).

Me talking about aliens...(alot...)

And random stories of my geeky childhood that has now turned into a weird adulthood.   (Don't be jealous I got hit on by some guys from high school this past weekend and I'm definitely married and pregnant, so it was a compliment.)

Happy blogging everyone!


  1. Oh hehehe sounds really cool!
    I will be looking forward to the guest author interviews! XDD

  2. Especially, I cant wait to read the Stacey Kade interview! XD


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